"Alexa Rodulfo has developed an amazing product
with a truly inspiring cause attached to it.
I respect and admire her devotion to helping improve
and change the lives and the future of children worldwide."
— Ivanka Trump


When the Foundation approached Rodulfo, creator of a best-selling luxury candle collection, she became aware of their social work aimed at the more than 1.2 million children who are the victims of this lurid crime annually. Over the course of one year she develop the scent and the candle design depicting TAU, the logo of the Ricky Martin Foundation. which adorns the candle's glass. Their collaboration has one goal: help eradicate human trafficking around the world.

"Let us work together to create a world in which the basic rights of all individuals are respected, where our own children can live in a safe and healthy environment," Ricky Martin, the president and founder of RMF, says. "Are the children our future? No, they are not. They are our present! Human trafficking has no place in our world today."


BOIS DE TAU candle is a captivating blend of nutmeg, cumin and cardamom, mixed in with the organic odors of rose and carnations. The base notes of the candle are a perfectly intermingled combination of citrus, cedar wood and cashmere wood. The candle evokes an emotional journey through scent, transporting one to a magical place in a journey of freedom enjoyment, love and peace, the final destination a place of calm and pleasure.
"The Ricky Martin Foundation is very grateful to Alexa's genuine desire to help combat human trafficking," says Bibiana Ferraiuoli, the executive director of the foundation. "By acquiring this unique candle you become a warrior of light and will undoubtedly help us strengthen our initiatives. As a public charity, your support becomes an amazing gift on behalf of children's rights around the world."


The Ricky Martin Foundation advocates on behalf of children's rights in three crucial areas: education, health, and social justice. Its principal project, People for Children, condemns child exploitation as a result of human trafficking and modern day slavery.
For more information, visit: www.rickymartinfoundation.org